Relocation Website Consultant

UNICEF is looking for a consultant to organize the transition of key information, articles, and subpages from the old website to the new website, making it ready for public launch. The backend development and content creation activities do not require support within the current contract. The vendor shall provide the following services:  

  • Complete 3-days long Drupal CMS training in English with the following granting of access to the backend of the new website. 
  • Download the library of documents stored at the old website. Upload downloaded materials on the cloud in a structured manner. 
  • Upload the most popular files to the new website.
  • Create several landing pages upon request on the new website and prepare them for the content developed.
  • Fix the bags following the guidance from the HQ support team. 
  • Communicate in English with the HQ support team on all issues related to the website launch.

Find more information on the requirements and how to apply following the link.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.